Why Start a Church in

Aren’t there enough churches?

Imagine if we were talking about hospitals. Have you ever heard someone say, “There are just too many hospitals around here! Why are they building another one?” I haven’t either. Why? Because there will always be a need to care for new sick people.

Now imagine if in a city of 7 million people 4 million people did not have access to basic medical services. This would be an atrocity. Yet, this is the reality when it comes to spiritual healthcare in DFW.

More than half of the DFW metroplex does not attend a church that preaches the gospel, and of that number more than 2/3 of those do not go to a church at all.

All of this is a reality without, of course,  discussing the quality or integrity of the teaching in these congregations.

So are there enough churches?

What did Jesus Teach?

Jesus ministered among a people whose very culture and laws were built around the belief in Jehovah God. And yet, when Jesus looked at the crowds who gathered to hear him teach, he didn’t see well-nourished, spiritually-guided people. Instead, he was emotionally stirred, seeing the thousands of people as sheep without a shepherd , (Matthew 9:36).

Not only did Jesus see people in need of spiritual rescue and guidance, but he also saw that there were an abundance of people. It may be tempting to think of Gospel witnessing like hunting for mushrooms, that a person looking for spiritual guidance is uncommon or hard to find.  Instead, when Jesus saw his society, he saw more people than there were workers to gather them.

Finally, Jesus saw that people were ready for the Gospel. He compared them to a white harvest.  In other words, the people that Jesus saw were fully ripe to receive Him.

So from the point of the Savior, society is filled with an abidance of spiritually need people ready to receive the hope of the Gospel.