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Texas Gospel Fellowship?

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Our Goal

1. Make Disciples

Prior to Jesus’ ascension into heaven, he commissioned his followers to “make disciples” of all nations. This includes baptizing people upon belief in Jesus and teaching them the commands of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20).

Our first priority in ministry is to share the Gospel with everyone we can and then to teach followers of Christ how to follow his commands.

2. Train and Elect Leadership

The Apostle Paul, a witness of the risen Christ and a church starting missionary, encouraged his protégé, Timothy, to entrust the doctrine he taught Timothy “to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

God’s will for the church is that leaders would be trained by other leaders to perpetuate sound teaching of Scripture. These leaders are then elected by the church to carry out this ministry.

3. Constitute an Independent Church

From Paul’s example, once church leadership is established in a particular locale, that church is ready to grow independently as it continues to feed on God’s Word and fellowship with other believers (Acts 20:17ff).

Our goal is to start local churches which will continue to make and teach disciples in their surrounding community.

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TGF Partners

  • I served with Geoff Stertz for two years at our local church in Baltimore. He has a keen understanding of the Word of God and a deep love for people. I am confident that the seeds of fellowship he is planting will soon grow into a thriving congregation in the Dallas area.

    Jared Mitchell
    Senior Pastor
    TBC Glen Burnie, MD